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In the morning I eat my breakfast then I brush my teeth also I get change for school. Then when we got to school we were in line up for Miss Evans. When we got to class Mrs Evans had to do the register. Also when my class was ready to go on the bus I was Elijah’s partner. When the bus was there, my class went on the bus to the air raid shelter. We got off the bus and my class walked to the air raid shelter. We got in the sand stone cave.
The women turn the light off in the bedroom. I wore a green top and green pants then I took it off and I washed cloths and I had a great day.
Also when I was wearing a green top and pants I looked a bit funny. I weared a gas mask and it looked scary. The women turn the light off because to see what it was like in the war. I cried because it was dark and I hold Miss Evans hand and I felt much better. When I came out I had my World War 2 packed lunch 2 crisps, sandwich, 8 biscuits, apple, banana. Also I like it and the world war 2 lady gave us some sugared sandwich. The washing up was a bit weird because it wasn’t a real washing machine. Then my class was back on the bus and then we went back to school.

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